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Contents: 500mg cbd vape
Description: ‘Relax’  C-Cell Cart with Natural Wood Tip

  • 500mg of pure oil!
  • Enhanced with actual cannabis terpenes!
  • 74% potency in every use!
  • Naturally contains CBG!
  • No added ingredients such as VG/PG/PEG!
  • high-quality C-CELL glass cartridge
  • screw on to our C-CELL battery for better flow!

To use: screw on to battery and draw at your leisure!

Helpful Tips:

Our product is super pure, so if the oil begins to crystallize after some time, clients have found it easy to use a hairdryer or lighter (gently and quickly) to melt back down to oil!

Our products are compliant with section 7606 of the 2014 US Federal Farm Bill 

Weight 115 g

3 reviews for CBD Vape | GH Relax™

  1. Nick

    This product is amazing. I ordered 2 of the original and 3 of the prototypes and they work great!!!

  2. Christina Empress Ingram

    I’ve tried 8 different kinds of oil (6 of them made from Hemp & 2 made from medical) this is the ONLY kind that actually helps my nerve pain from my disk herniations. All of the other kinds didn’t do much at all. I am so thankful for Brent’s recommendation & these wonderful products! I also am so thankful there are no bi-products like propylene glycol or other Corn derivatives (since I am highly allergic to Corn); it’s a small detail that actually means a lot! Thank you once again!

  3. Steve Bowman

    One cartridge please

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