GuerillaHealer™ was established in 2014 as a 501(c)3 charity by Brent Kaufman. The founder is an experienced cannabis caregiver who works with patients, doctors, and veterinarians and is dedicated to providing quality care above all else. Due to high demand, Kaufman began offering his unique and effective products by referral. In 2017, Kaufman established Beneficial Diet, LLC to launch the GuerillaHealer™ marketplace, in order to meet the demand for his specially formulated CBD oil.

We are completely committed to offering the highest quality products on the market for a compassionate price. Our products are made from carefully selected ingredients that are ethically sourced. In addition, we proudly offer a respected kosher certification with many items for sale in our online marketplace. At GuerillaHealer™, we take great pride in our craft and we are honored to provide you with a product you can trust.