CBG Oil Capsules | Certified Kosher


CBG is the next newsworthy cannabinoid with no high!

You won’t find GHTM solventless CBG capsules anywhere else! Our team’s focus, agility, and stamina have been enhanced big time thanks to the new 40mg GuerillaHealerTM CBG capsule!  What are you waiting for!?

CBG Oil | Full Spectrum

CERTIFIED KOSHER by Scroll K Vaad Hakashrus of Denver

Finally, a true rich full-spectrum CBG Oil made with our patented water-based technology!
Enjoy the cleanest and most effective CBG oil in an easy-to-swallow or open vegetable capsule.

Delivered in a precisely dosed 40mg capsule – many enjoy just one, while many enjoy multiple at a time or in conjunction with your favorite cannabinoids!

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